XIPWORKS Headquarters


XIPWORKS is a travel, money, and lifestyle marketing company. We are laser focused on our mission to deliver products and services that will exceed your expectations and profoundly impact your life.

We invite you to come explore the world with us by taking advantage of our bulk purchasing power within the travel industry. As an XIPWORKS member, you will experience the opulence offered at 4 & 5 star resorts, while paying as much as 50% less than the general public pays.

We also invite you to attain an optimum level of personal wellness, which is within your reach with our Best in Class nutritional and weight management products. XIPWORKS products are unmatched in nutritional efficacy and are manufactured at FDA CGMP approved facilities.

As you experience the life changing affects of great nutrition and leisure travel, you may also choose to become a business partner with XIPWORKS by sharing our products and services with others.

If you are interested in pursuing the business opportunity available with XIPWORKS, you will be partnering with a proven management team that has over 100 Years of combined Direct Selling Industry Success.